WILL YOUR INCOME TAXES BE AFFECTED?As Bank CD rates rise over time, higherinterest rates may increase your incometax payments to the IRSBANK CD RATES GOING UP1040Department of tU.S. IndividFor the year Jan. 1-Your first name andThis and other considerationsare released in the booklet "CDShoppers' Guide For Retirement."See comparisons on how to keeprising interest rates from affectingyour income taxes (NQ savings)Learn today!Labelage 19)the IRS4B If a joint return, spousHome address (number aCity, town or post officeCall 877-828-4900 (24 hour message) for your FREE booklet(Reference: CD Guide)850402 SL

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WILL YOUR INCOME TAXES BE AFFECTED? As Bank CD rates rise over time, higher interest rates may increase your income tax payments to the IRS BANK CD RATES GOING UP 1040 Department of t U.S. Individ For the year Jan. 1- Your first name and This and other considerations are released in the booklet "CD Shoppers' Guide For Retirement." See comparisons on how to keep rising interest rates from affecting your income taxes (NQ savings) Learn today! Label age 19) the IRS 4 B If a joint return, spous Home address (number a City, town or post office Call 877-828-4900 (24 hour message) for your FREE booklet (Reference: CD Guide) 850402 SL